Burke Family Grape-Nuts® TV Commercial, 1968 - 70 

The 30 second commercial spot first aired on television across the U.S on July 19, 1968, and its life on TV spanned nearly two years. It ran in prime-time slots with a number of popular TV series. A 12 second spot, edited down from the full length ad, also ran during this period. Two print ads appeared in issues of LIFE magazine.
Its enduring place in TV pop-culture history is evidenced in the many spoofs, skits, and jokes spawned by the commercial, covering 2 decades and appearing in a range of comedy shows and movies, newspapers, magazines, and literature.
Five single-panel cartoon gags were syndicated: one in MAD and two in PLAYBOY magazines. Comic-strip artist, Bil Keane, penned two panels. The first line of an Erma Bombeck book references it. Four or more television comedy/variety shows did skits and jokes about this ad in the late '60s/early '70s, such as The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Carol Burnett Show, and Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. A sketch based on it appears in 1977's Kentucky Fried Movie, and over 15 “riffs” on the commercial's dialogue feature in the long-running '80s and '90s television comedy series, Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Produced for General Foods by Benton & Bowles, Inc., New York, NY.
Copywriter: Vida Pernick; Producer: Paul McDonough; Director: Phil Landek.
“Cast” of Burke Family spot (in order of appearance):
Mrs. Caroline Burke, Dale Burke, Dennis Sherwood, Adam, Robert, and Bennett Burke, two “extras.”

Special appreciation is due to:
DMBB45044, AdViews Digital Collection, John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History, Duke University Libraries
(for permission to post the high-res commercial footage from their collection);
KF Holdings, Inc., for their permission to include the original TV commercial footage;
Mike Ransom (Tulsa TV Memories) and Chris Speros, for their generous production assistance;
Kevin Murphy, who graciously helped to correct the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” riff info;
Vida Pernick, for providing photos and other archival media;
Jeff Smith, for uploading our commercial, as our film-to-digital transfer, to YouTube;
all who visit our website and view and comment about our commercial on YouTube, and all the great sites that link to us!

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POST Grape-NutsŪ, circa 1968


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