106- The Crawling Hand (the segment also appears in a flashback during episode 209- The Hellcats).
During host segment, as Joel is choked by the hand.
Joel: Mrs...Burke, I...thought you...were...Dale! AAAAHHH!

511- The Gunslinger - man sits in tree while girl looks at him from ground.
Joel: Oh, I thought you were Dale.

611- Last of the Wild Horses
[Terry sneaks into a barn to aid Duke. Jane Cooper, on horseback and in her standard cowgirl getup, observes from a distance.]
MIKE : [in cowboy accent] I thought you were Dale!
[For a switch, this one doesn't seem to be hand-related, but rather based on Jane's remarkable resemblance to Dale Evans on horseback, making it a riff on a riff.]

704- Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell
Warrior from Hell jumps off horse, lands on Carissa and turns her around, holding her down.
Tom: Oh I'm sorry I thought you were Dale!

802- The Leech Woman
When the leech woman looks at her young hands.
Mike: I thought I was Dale!

805- The Thing that Couldn't Die
As the ranch hand looks at his hands.
Mike: "I thought you were Dale."

806- The Undead
As Quintus hypnotises the girl, he says "Look at my hand!"
Mike: "Do you think I'm Dale?"

807- Terror from the Year 5000
[As the nurse tends to Victor, she removes her gloves to expose her hands with their silvery hypnosis-inducing nails.]       
Victor: Your hands!
Mike [as Victor]: I-- I thought you were Dale! 

808- She Creature
[Lombardi is hypnotizing the recumbent Andrea.]
Mike [as Lombardi]: Do you think I'm Dale?

809- I Was a Teenage Werewolf
Michael Landon looks at his hand.
Mike: "I thought I was Dale!"

810- The Giant Spider Invasion
After giant spider house invasion, unconscious girl's hand is focused on,
Tom: "He...thought I was...Dale"

811- "parts": the clonus horror
Shot of man's hand on podium.
Servo: Hey it's--oh, I thought I was Dale."

812- The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
After dance, when girl reaches out her hand
All sing: "I thought you were DaaaaaleÉ"

813- Jack Frost
When a bandit gets ready to punch, he smells his hand.
Mike "I thought I was Dale!"

814- Riding With Death
When big guy tries to punch but is held back by the invisible guy, he looks at his hand.
Crow: "Hm, Thought I was Dale.";
Big guy tries again, but is held back.
Crow to exclaim, "Again, I thought I was Dale"

815- Agent for H.A.R.M.
As old scientist holds hand up.
Crow: "I thought he was Dale!"

The Great "Dale" Misunderstanding

According to Mary Jo Pehl, in a May 14, 1997 online chat: "Dale is the daughter of a woman who a guy thought was Dale cuz her hands were so soft in an old TV commercial." Kevin Murphy echoed this idea. Unfortunately, the writers were mixing up two different commercials.

"Dale" actually appeared in a "Grape-Nuts" cereal commercial, where a boy, who is swimming in a pool with his girlfriend Dale Burke and her mom, says, "Oh, no -- Mrs. Burke! I thought you were Dale!" Mrs. Burke goes on to explain how many people confuse her with Dale because she stays young eating Grape-Nuts, blah, blah.

There *was* a hand-soap (or possibly dish-detergent) commercial in which someone mistakes a mother for her daughter, just as Mary Jo said, but it didn't include Dale. That's right -- they only thought it was Dale!

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